Wednesday brainstorming

1. After yesterdays window dressing short covering despite horror news today we should rather see a brief retreat of stocks most likely before this minor upleg resumes to a broader 1360-75 level target zone. Tomorrow we have a New Moon (Solar Eclipse) in Gemini starting a 3 eclipse band which will have quite an impact. Tonights 1st one is in an exact 120 degree angle to Saturn and almost exact 150 degree to Pluto which means a tough new start is due in communication and probably some trouble with lawmakers and the internet as they want to restrict the use around the globe and undermine the freedom of the people using it. Market impact should be limited as we are heading for a Full Moon ( Lunar Eclipse ) in Sagitarrius and sextile angle to Neptun and trigon angle to Jupiter which is an indication for a top especially with the effect that Saturn goes retrogade at the 13th and Jupiter having crossed into Taurus which usually triggers a steep correction which starts from 4th June.

Basically expect a zigzag move up to the Full Moon before a steeper correction will send markets towards our 1150 target area – upside as metioned before 1360-75 level.

2. Finally the WHO admits that mobile phones can cause brain cancer – kill bee’s and microwaves are very dangerous for health as well is another take away from the article below.


~ by behindthematrix on June 1, 2011.

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