thursday brainstorming

1. Tomorrow Neptun goes stationary – we can expect flooding and heavy rain issues. We also can expect deception and tomorrows jobless numbers will rather trigger a short covering (as I would in their game) bring according numbers tomorrow with the death/birth rate an opportunistic instrument to manipulate numbers as needed.

In the meantime the the Greece charade keeps marching as 540 degree turns are made on an hourly basis – well what can we expect in a world were socialist like DSK, who are running the IMF are wearing 20k dollar suits as socialists are chasing maids through there hotel suite and the FIFA is  a ratshole of corruptness but still they get another term. Endless more of those samples makes the whole world to an institution of madness where Satan seems to run the show – the dark forces seem to have won but that will change soon as the world walks into a turmoil which will activate a cleansing soon as people might not take it anymore to be enslaved by the rules the thieves have put on them through corrupt governments. For now lets watch the storm growing as politicians go berserk and the thieves lose all shame as they do not dare to hide their operations anymore.



Guest Post: Too Big To Fail Or Too Stupid To Stop – Screw Banks/Not People


This morning, amidst news of Moodys cutting Greece’s debt rating to Caa1, I came across a phrase I wish I’d thought of first, reading through a friend’s morning commentary. The phrase? “Too Stupid to Stop”. According to Bill Blain, Senior Director at Newedge in London, and self-professed Euro skeptic, “‘Too Stupid to Stop’ is based on politicians behaving as rational maximisers of their electoral objectives.” He was referring to the real reason behind all the bank-demanded bailout loans for austerity measures throughout Europe. In the United States, that mantra can be extended to include appointed officials, like Treasury Secretary, Tim Geithner (still not admitting our record debt increase came directly from the $4 trillion worth of Treasury issuance and other forms of assistance extended to our banking system since late 2008, as we endure his stomach-churning ‘show-begging’ to the GOP for a debt cap raise) and Fed Chairman, Ben Bernanke (ditto). It also, of course, applies to congress people whose political survival depends on corporate and bank contributions and financial support, the ones that believe the Dodd-Frank bill changes anything. Rather than considering how governments have systematically done, and continue to do, the wrong (as in immoral, unfair, and uneconomically sound) thing by trying to preserve banks, any politicians possessing the ability to think independently (an oxymoron, I know) should be asking themselves instead, how clever they could be about closing them down. Take a cue from Iceland. But, the ‘Too Stupid to Stop” behavior, prevents this from occurring.

Done Deal: Reuters Reports New Greek 3 Year “Adjustment Plan” Has Been Agreed On, Can Kicked For Another 3 Years

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 06/02/2011 12:49 -0400

Just out from Reuters:

  • According to a source, programme will involve new international funding to mid-2014, apportionment yet to be agreed
  • According to a source senior Eurozone officials agree in principle on new 3-year adjustment plan for Greece
  • According to a source, private sector involvement will be limited to avoid a credit event

Congratulations Europe: you just screwed your taxpayers, but at least bought your insolvent banks 3 more years of bizarro world existence.


EU Commission Denies Agreement On New Greek Aid Plan

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 06/02/2011 14:20 -0400

And…. U-turn


There is no point in even commenting on the cannonade of unbelievable bullshit coming out of Europe at this moment.

The central planners have now officially lost their minds.


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