brainstorming thursday

1. Europe will go for a buyback of Greece bonds most likely, which will not work out as they wish for since a tender offer around current market levels will not attract sellers since they cannot force people to go for it. It is pathetic proposition anyway as the investors were never paid an appropriate interest for the risk as all EU members do lie about their economic situation starting with a far too low inflation number plus the even official negative interest rates. Greece should pay above 6% right from the start as they cooked all numbers to enter the EU in the first place and the EU knew that since they all did it and even Germany was cheating most of the time or did not comply with the rules. Hence the so called institutional investors never live up to their obligation and do not invest along lines of real solid investment rules they rather participate in the big scam and take stupid risks why else did all money market funds blow up in 2008.

Here the latest all in move which sets the stage of others to go bankrupt as well demanding the same perk s-only nobody has the money to finance that. This will bring markets higher for 1-2 days until the US cliffhanger gets back into the spotlight.


EUR Surging On Draft EU Proposal Which Sees “Marshall Plan” For Greece

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 07/21/2011 08:18 -0400

Headlines out of Reuters:

  • Draft EU summit conclusions call for “Marshall plan” of investment, growth stimulation for Greek economy
  • Collateral will be part of new Greek aid deal according to Eurozone draft
  • Draft EU summit conclusions says three options for private sector role in second Greek bailout remain on the table; debt buyback, rollover and swap
  • Draft EU summit conclusions says EFSF will be able to recapitalise financial institutions through loans to governments,including non-programme nations
  • Cost of recapitalising Greek banks estimated to be total of EUR 25bln according to Eurozone document
  • Draft EU summit conclusions see rate of around 3.5% on new EFSF loan for Greece
  • Draft EU summit conclusions says EFSF will be able to intervene in a precautionary basis
  • Draft EU summit conclusions see extension of EFSF loans from 7.5 years to at least 15 years, according to a Eurozone document

The Rubicon has now been crossed: Europe goes all or nothing on Greece. When this latest bluff fails it is all over.


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