DOW update

Finally it works again could not upload charts for a few days. Well the Dow WEEKLY CHART states clearly it is just a matter of time that it will have to test the 12750 level and even exceed it slightly to produce a bearish divergence on the MACD *plus create a wave 5 count and ideally be above the weekly Bollinger short time. Since we are into this cliffhanger debt ceiling charade it will take til the last minute and as Obama indicated it might even be extended a few days after 2nd Aug., which gives us the volatile 2 weeks ahead hovering around the current level in a 1290-1340 range for 2 more weeks or in DOW terms 12000 -12600 before the final blow up may occur but that will be more on the SPX since financials which are the worst performer will be rising the most once a deal is made since they are effected the most from a default.This short term celebration will not last long as people may wake up to the fact that USA is turning into the next Greece. Saturn will be back to the natal position of USA by end Aug which will activate another difficult pattern which is rather a real tough one for the USA since it marks a T-Square of Saturn , Pluto and Chiron in the natal chart. So far we had Saturn challenging the natal Sun of the USA but that was compared to what will come a walk in the park. We can expect a sharp sell of in Q4 as none of the problems has been solved but an imminent technical default for now. Concentration of wealth on the wrong side is not good for a nation which wants to prosper and that is what happened now for the last 20 years. Many empires ended exactly  like this as at the same time that wealth concentration was accompanied by a huge spike in debt.


~ by behindthematrix on July 21, 2011.

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