Friday brainstorming

1. America is as expected nowhere close to a debt deal and it will be until the last minute – markets keep rising into this most likely event of a rather last minute minimum deal, which should at some point trigger a downgrade still to AA since this Teaparty Reps think they can reduce deficits by taking away more from the poorest after the richest 2 % were bailed out with trillions. Thats a save bet for a civil war or unrest and the next elections will not be smooth at all I can tell by astrology. No default for now but major stress as Saturn is square the native USA Sun exactly right now but about to walk away soon into an even more nasty position as I have posted the last days starting around Labour day things will get ugly for stocks.


Bernanke, Geithner, Dudley Are Said to Meet on Debt Limit

2. First off all this European solution smells like future trouble but capitalism has come to an end as centrally run backstop organizations cover now all bad bank debt with huge negative impact on taxpayers in the future. A system was layed out intriguing everybody on sovereign level to go bankrupt as you get incentives you would not get as a healthy state. In any case all the PIIGS will be tempted to follow until the biggest one drages the whole system down but that is probably a year away. Brainless and moronic as politicians are they created an instrument which by itself is questionable but they were not smart enough or rather have ot the balls to deliver the means as the 440 bil. does not cover anything which their plans describe. They need to tripple it but rather 2 tril might just be enough. The next emergency meetings will turn into a jour fix event as the lack of balls to tell their people what this all really means in numbers . They want to pull as the things happen which will guarantee turmoil in markets going forward and. that is exactely what will bring the world to a worse situation than Lehman and AIG some time  in the near future.


EU Leaders Try to Persuade Investors on Rescue


~ by behindthematrix on July 22, 2011.

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