part 2

2.  Well its getting uglier by the hour after Germany officially dismissed any rescue effort for Italy and breakup of the EU gets much closer and is a huge blow to financial markets contradicting the Friday rumors the ECB would step in.

Turkey has given Syria an ultimatum to stop the killing or an invasion is imminent as Russia has warned Syria anyway that the Nato is preparing to attack. Turkey will send the secretary of State n Tuesday to Syria to give the details of the ultimatum ( wonder why the wait so long).

Turkey astro chart shows a pattern it never had since it was founded which clearly hints to a war within the next year but it an start anytime.

I am still wondering about the timing of the S&P downgrade as it hits the market in the most volatile time – that means clearly they want the market to go lower . There was no urgency to issue that downgrade now , if they were really serious the downgrade would have been due 1-2 years ago. Obviously they work for an insider ring as the bonds sell off on Friday was far before the announcement. This timing of the downgrade is highly disruptive for markets and some German politicians are also acting dangerously by declaring around the same weekend that Germany will not bailout Italy. The question nowadays is not if there are conspiracies but who is running it and what is the purpose.

In many posts far earlier I tried to explain that there are at least 2 major powergroups who run things on this planet for hundreds of years now one is the Rockefeller/ Rotschild group who uses the Jewish background to organize their interests – I do not believe they are really religiously motivated. The other is the Catholic Church or lets say the Vatican which has huge material and political influence but the last 200 years the Jewish gang has been the frontrunner ( If you can read German read the book ‘Das Schwarze Reich’)- lets leave it at this very simplified version. The center of power for the ‘Jewwish’ were financially London and New York but politically USA as it obviously is run by an elite with a Jewish background who use Zionism and the rituals to get the people on board without being real members of the insider ring, well the same is also true for Mason’s and other pseudo elite clubs like Rotary or Lions club for example.

The Vatican was stronger in the time of Kings and Lords as the whole organisation was based on the principle of Christianity and the knights send out to rob the world. The Jewish answer was very smart indeed as they introduced communism and through that democracies to bring down the Christian system of kings and Lords. The only strong Islamic competition  the Otomans were also took apart at the end of the 1900 century since they also needed Palestine to create the zionistic myth and created Israel with the help of Churchill as the Brits were also in Jewish hand with no affiliation to the Catholic Church.

Lets come back to the S&P downgrade which looks like a Vatican strike as it weakens the USA and Jewish interests while their downfall as the global power is now  initiated on a military and economic base. Since China is a power of its own who rather try to conquer global interests on their own but also having problems of their own and Russia are driving a hard line against US foreign affairs and Putin now calling USA economic parasites there seems to be a connection. The downgrade is reflecting a true idea but the timing is extremely hostile as the G7 special meeting before markets open in Tokio proves, as they expect an ugly fall out Monday and the days after which seems to be the aim of the unwise but deliberate move.

I agree we will have a few days of extreme volatility as the charts and astrology do tell anyway  and the initial reaction will be selling as some will panic but expect rather swing in both directions this week. I will evaluate the potential targets later today looks like a long night and a tough week as the AA is not the end of the world and there are no alternatives to the Dollar right now as the Euro is at the brink of collapse and The Yen or Swiss franc are for various reasons no alternatives. China has no real currency yet. Stockmarkets will go down over time much more but for now we can expect the ultimate short covering event soon the announcement of QE3 to stop the fall only this time the effect will be less bullish as we never made it to the old highs anyway.

– Joint Statement From Merkel And Sarkozy On Global Financial Crisis

G7 Preparing Statement To Support Dollar, EU, In Fact Everything That Would Otherwise Collapse Tomorrow, Before Asia Open


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