thursday brainstorming

1. Today is the final part of frustration as Mars is exact i its square to Saturn, which will prepare the New Moon rally next week as we are heading for another holiday weekend. Also we can expect the window dressers to take over to get values a bit higher. Nevertheless the uptrends have been broken on a monthly basis is save to say and the downtrend has just begun. This trend should last well into 1st quarter of 2012 and we should retest the 2009 lows is a likely scenario but we still are in the perfect century repetition trade so far which has a target of 25% down for the SPX. Astrology says that Q4 will be a disaster for the economy and markets especially for USA and thats the best indication we have but in between a rally of some magnitude will be due as we will reach very bearish sentiment soon. 

Gold reached our target, exceeded even by touching the 1700 briefly but we are due for a test of the gap around 1680-90 the next days before another attempt up may show after the option expiration tomorrow that decline came very handy for short call sellers like JPM and HSBC, who are the biggest Gold manipulators. Anyway a short term top is in place now and as Bernanke will not announce a big QE3 tomorrow there will be no rush back into Gold. He will be rather a QE 2.5 announcer best case, turning America into the next Japan with long term yields at the long end below or at 2% is the aim.




And In The Meantime, The German Stock Market Plummets

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 08/25/2011 – 10:10ETC SocGen

While Buffett is forced to bailout America’s most insolvent bank, which just confirmed our prediction that it will need to raise capital (although this capital raise was far lass than what will be finally needed), Europe has realized that it has no kindly-looking, ukulele-playing, no-income-tax-paying billionaire equivalent to bailout Intesa, SocGen, UniCredit, etc, etc, oh, and tomorrow, the short-selling bank is supposed to expire. End result: DAX flash crashes, and no rebound yet.


~ by behindthematrix on August 25, 2011.

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