SPX update

So far everything trades according to the textbook we are about to break the channel to create a mini capitulation in a very oversold market which is the wave 5 characteristic and we are in wave 3 of 5 as we have entered big expiration week. Astrology confirms the wave 5 scenario with the before mentioned pattern around the 18th just before the 21st FED meeting. Thereby whatever the FED does that does not solve the issue anymore as Europe is now in the limelight of the action. In Germany the population and hence more and more politicians do not support the Greece (global  bankster) bailout anymore. The EU as we have it right now is not a sustainable model anymore and just serve the profits of Corporations anyway. The introduction of the EURO was the most expensive and inflationary project in history probably. Some prices even doubled the same day the EURO was introduced as I was in Germany at that time I know by own experience. Well back to the market the target is in the 1050-80 zone for the current wave 5 and I expect a  rally to 1200 from that level before we start the drop to 800 probably even to 666 and lower.


~ by behindthematrix on September 12, 2011.

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