part 2

1. One item I am looking for is a TV with an PA App which filters channels for keywords I define or rather interests and opens the channel once that topic or situation is brought up or sends me that news on my phone while I travel. It is quite annoying some times to listen to the talking head bullshit all day but would I have been alerted timely on some stuff like that easy money would have been made I figured just recently. Some HFT seem to heave news processing trading programs I heard but no idea how smart and efficient they are.

2. Right now one is better of buying the high end Android phones as they are technically superior due to double core chips and bigger screens. Well I think on Oct 4th we will get 2 Phones with double cores the 4S which has the same size but can go for the lower segment even on prepaid basis and the Iphone 5 with a 4 inch screen and some other nice upgrades but with IOS 5 and plenty of voice control and Apps for both they will kick ass and the statistics below will change dramatically. If those voice applications come as expected on they basis of an intelligent digital assistant ( still on low key but far ahead of competition) that will finally mark the end of the Blackberry and if MSFT does not have similar Apps and capabilities on Mango I am afraid Nokia will be dead as well. I only assume that they were smart enogh to se the future since it is very obvious that keyboards belong into the stoneages.

The Amazon tablet ‘Fire’ is a low key tablet which will rather open a new segment below Apples but be good for content competition as the aim of AMZN is rather to make money of the content like netflix as the upcoming IPAD 3 will be a differnt ball game anyway with IOS 5 and ahead of the curve hardware specs since it should have a quadcore chip and a very improved screen making it the leading item for another year.

Apple will make a rally once the 5 comes with my expected features probably as high as 440 which should mark a high for this year. AMZN and Starbucks are topping out and AMZN is very rich valued to say the least but we will ahve to see the tablet tomorrow to make an assumption how quick it will turn down and how deep



Nielsen iPhone


~ by behindthematrix on September 27, 2011.

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