wednesday brainstorming

1. Amazon comes smart and strong into the tablet market from a price perspective as that is the only way to compete with Apple. They will grab market share at 199 Dollar a pop but make losses, which makes the top of Amazon stock more of a sure case. Depending on the features in can take away some of the Xmas business of Apple but they will be so busy selling new Iphones they eve might not even notice. Only one thing is that the new Iphone needs to be a bigger screen and the IOS with sophisticated voice features. Finally a 7 inch Amazon will be a differnt niche than a 10 inch Ipad and it will not be a big competition. The top secret game is still Nokia which needs a hit launch with Mango phones to come back and survive.

Below a very tough claim by the Head of Unicredito Securities

2. Window dressers still at work despite the new funding problem the Rothschild outlet FT claimed last night that Greece bailout 2.0 is rather not enough and it needs 62 bil more or we are already in bailout 2.5, which will make the German hardliner haircut of 50% minimum a best case scenario. Still futures were driving higher as bankers are fighting for their bonus pools. Still the market looks like holding the 1190-1200 resistance level on the upside and turning down again. The German vote tomorrow is priced in and the market is looking rather for a 2 bil EU TARP kind of bailout, which will not happen. The only thing is that ECB will start cutting rates next week.


~ by behindthematrix on September 28, 2011.

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