thursday brainstorming

1. Germany has voted as expected for the EFSF extension but the 780 bil. Euro will not be enough as we will soon hear. Astrology of the EURO chart says very load and clear big disaster is ahead by mid November ( thats the timeline for the Greece default). EURO will hit the 1.29 -30 support around that time and stockmarkets will make new yearly lows. Actually the economic turmoil in Q4 – Q1 will be that severe that people will revolt against their governments around the world starting in 2012 ( another astro pattern). Which could be a reason for global wars as the debt situation will spin out of control.

2: For today the upside should be limited to 1170 SPX and be followed by selling pressure later today as the first leaks to the situation in Greece might occur tomorrow as quarter end some forces will try to hold up markets as good as they can to make the window dressing another rip off of retailers work and to make the losses look more moderate.


Germany Backs EFSF Expansion With 523 Votes In Favor, 85 Against; EUR Sells On The News

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 09/29/2011 – 06:20Eurozone Germany TARP

The German “TARP equivalent” EFSF expansion vote has passed with a resdounding majority of 523 votes For and 85 Against. Obviously this was largely priced in judging by the rapid sell off in the EURUSd on the news. And now, back to focusing on the structural failure of the Eurozone which no vote can fix.


~ by behindthematrix on September 29, 2011.

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