part 2

2. Evidence gathers towards a 4S Iphone only for now as a listing of  Vodafone Germany indicates. If their is no new form factor by an increasing screen size that would rather be a moderate disappointment and confirm a top is at hand very briefly after an inital buying spree since the distribution network will increase substantially especially in China. Since what I hear is that Microsoft has also prepared quite a voice command feature. Screen size could be a factor and the nearing quadcores from Nvidia which will be in various models in Q1 and the İce cream google launch is also within a few days. The competive edge is getting very close on the tech side. Apple will very likely just come to the level where some android devices are already if IOS 5 does not have some ass-kicking features. Same design will be a negative anyway. I am just saying that since appple is the leading stock and a turn around would be a bad harbinger.


With 74 new carriers added since the iPhone 4 launched in 2010, Apple is predicted to easily top its personal best of 1.7 million handsets sold in three days with the launch of the fifth-generation iPhone.

Analyst Brian White with Ticonderoga Securities expects a “media blitz” and “unprecedented demand” after Apple announces its next iPhone on Tuesday, allowing the new model to “shatter” the sales records set by the iPhone 4. He noted that The iPhone is now available on 228 carriers worldwide, compared to 154 during the iPhone 4 launch in 2010, giving Apple an opportunity for even greater sales this year.

With an aggressive roll-out of the so-called “iPhone 5,” much like Apple’s accelerated international launch of the iPad 2 this year, White believes the company will be able to ramp up sales more quickly. Apple will also be aided by the CDMA iPhone, allowing it to expand to even more carriers worldwide, particularly in China.


~ by behindthematrix on October 3, 2011.

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