wednesday brainstorming

1. Yesterday we reached the target zone for the SPX and made a 13 being below daily Bollinger  – ending as an reversal day thats a classic bottom by all means. Especially with the bearish sentiment the only missing link is the financials need to complete their lows , which they seem not to have completed yet as we have now fundamental scenario which would indicate that the bleeding  is over  for them.

Anyway either we have seen the botom of this wave or we are very close as the Full Moon around 13th should be the point we make the low or retest the level. 1133 is a point to turn around for this week down again. The other scenario would be around the 1170 before we drop again. 

Apple was basically a disappointment but they have done that before and the new 4S will sell very well still with the new PA ( voice feature). still they gave competition to much options to close the gap as they are already on dualcore chips even with 1.5 speed. Question is if android 4.0  and window 8 will be able to match those voice features as it is not a secret that Apple was utilizing Siri and Nokia is laready in that field as well as Google. Nvidia comes with a quadcore chip anytime now.

Still we will seee Apple going back up to 420-30 and make a top around that level but the real potential is with Nokia as I mentioned earlier they can make ground big time if they did their homework.

anyway apple made a good step into the righjt direction and ı hope computermakers will follw swiftly so we can start to speak to computers and the keyboard gets a random used feature.


Siri: My “Humble” Female Personal Secretary


Today, Apple introduced us to the iPhone 4S. It’s hard not to feel let down after the iPhone 5 rumor mill was spinning at full force just yesterday (courtesy of the craziest rumor yet), but a couple 4S features were enough to perk up my spirit. One feature in particular, Siri, pretty much blew my mind. It is, far and away, the coolest voice control system I’ve ever heard of, and seems to do just about everything.

Ask Siri for nearby Greek restaurants? Bam! 20 Yelp listings are instantly sorted by rating. Ask Siri to read you your texts? No problem, she’s on it. 


~ by behindthematrix on October 5, 2011.

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