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2. Trichet played it to the book and left rates unchanged as they may have a hidden agenda. The capitulation of Greece may be close as Merkel prepares the markets for bigger haircuts and plenty news are spread that France and Germany have plans for capitalizing banks in case of. Well a parallel measure would be a cut of rates if markets panic..

1150-60 should cap the market for now and bring another leg down although that might not get to the lows again but stop short of it as we have 7 days for the bottom to be completed. Most likely but not making new lows except for financials. We can expect markets to rise in a volatile manner the next weeks as nothing has been resolved and the earnings season kicks in next week starting with the big financials. Though some of them are tainted enough to turn their negative state into paper profit as Morgan Stanleys Bonds show big losses which they can show as profits ironically.

The pictures below are just a teaser of the things to come as Uranus and Pluto will be square from 2012 to 15 and things will get really ugly going forward.


NYPD and Seattle Police Beat Up Protesters

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Submitted by George Washington on 10/06/2011 02:18 -0400

By Washington’s Blog

New York Police Beat Up Protesters AGAIN Today
NYPD beat up protesters again today:

Occupy Wall Street Arrests; Fox 5 Crew and Protesters Hit by Mace, Batons:

As Alexander Higgins reports:

This video shows Luke Rudkowski and other Occupy Wall street protestors being beat with Batons by White Shirts as the NYPD pepper sprays other members of the crowd. [Rudkowski is the lead reporter for We Are Change.]


This photo shows the crowd being pepper spayed.

Seattle Police Rough Up Protesters
Also Seattle Police roughed up protesters today:





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