1. Plenty of rumors shaking markets up and down come from one source these days FT ( financial times) astonishingly though the Rothschilds were never shy on utilizing the media power they had as they bought Reuters back in the times they were the only source. I also  have no doubt that Bloomberg ( the information vendor for almost all financials pros on this planet) is controlled by them or Rockefellers even if formally it is owned by Michael Bloomberg the current NY major and president aspirant, who has wallstreet protesters locked away these days.

We have definetely a cabal here as these kind of scenarios are insiders paradise where some stocks make 20-30 % swings within a few days or hours. some people are making a fortune in these turmoil and not because they are smarter but they have the means and character to abuse the system to their advantage but that is nothing new really. Since they own the referies  ( up to the presidents or prime ministers) nobody dares to challenge them. Somehow we never changed the system of Lords and their slaves but they managed to put a smarter label on it and made it a more sophisticated system calling it democracy.

Today another insider day as some people will know what central banks do before the rest of us hears it. ECB with a 3% inflation rate should according to its own mandate rather hike rates but I rather think Trichet could make a half asses cut of 25 bp hinting for more. Both are anticipated and .part of a broken and corrupt system of keeping insolvent banks looking alive.



Bank Of England Expands QE By £75 Billion To A Total Of £275 Billion, Keeps Rate Unchanged

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 10/06/2011 – 07:13Bank of England BOE CPI Monetary Policy Recession recovery SovereignsUnemployment United Kingdom

As many expected, the Bank of England has followed in Bernanke’s footsteps and proceeded with extra QE – this is the first expansion in the British QE since November 5, 2009 when it did the latest  £25 billion expansion. Unfortunately, this is just the beginning: much more global QE is coming down the line as the “monetary authority” realizes it only has itself and its printers to rely on in a world rapidly reentering recession.


~ by behindthematrix on October 6, 2011.

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