tuesday brainstorming

1. The Greeks playing again the Trojan Horse con, after pulling in another 8 bil. they have now a deal at hand which is not really in their interest. To default and exit the Euro would be a smarter move and Papandreu is playing a smart game by screwing with the EU but Merkel and sarkozy do not deserve any better one could say but at the end of the day they do not  pay the bills.

There are only 2 explanations for Paoandreus hehaviour  in any case  he is in a conspiracy. First scenario  he plays for  the Rothschild or alike power-team and creates perfect insider trading situations .

Second scenario is he prepares a Greece exit from THE Euro and a complete default to create an Argentina situation – where only 25% including interest is paid on the outstanding debt  over a long period. Second scenario only differs from !. as he has the interest of the Greece people in mind but is still a part of 1 anyway.

This is the toughest trading market I have ever seen with upside and downside crashes based on nothing but chaotic news flow and deliberately created rumors.


Well Played Mr. Papandreou

Submitted by Tyler Durden on 11/01/2011 – 07:48CDS China default European Central Bank Greece Gross Domestic Product International Monetary Fund

It was almost funny how quiet he was at the summit. It seems like he sat back, got the best deal he possibly could for Greece and now Greece can decide if it is good enough. The IIF and their NPV calculations. The ECB and their paid in full demands. The EU and their austerity and controls and demands over which Greek assets can be sold to whom? Debt to GDP of 120% by 2020. How about debt to GDP of 10% by year end? How about some nice asset sales to China at premium prices not only to get some immediate funds but to develop a nice long term relationships with deep pockets and a great trade partner. Not sure where IMF fits in. All along I have argued it was Greece’s choice to default or not and that it was in their best interest to do it. He played it far better than I could have. He holds the cards. He is putting his people and national interest above Europe. Merkozy must be in a panic.

~ by behindthematrix on November 1, 2011.

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