wednesday brainstorming

1. Around 1250 is the break or make line for the SPX as we should test it this week after the greece sell off. Time is running out for the bulls as the ugly astro patterns are about to get into full force starting after 8. Nov and getting very intense around end of November especially for the EURO.

December will bring specific trouble for USA on top of EU trouble – basically we are looking for a crash period starting soon and extending into January2012. Financials will be on the front end of that neagtive momentum as the charts do confirm.

The death of Steve Jobs has definetly changed the momentum for the apple stock despite great numbers for the 4S model it is obvious that even steve missed one big trend within smart phones the size of the screens. After I had my own experience with samsung Android I have to confirm one negative factor which really sucks no updates on the software than Google rolls out a better version. That is definetly a big disadvantage but it seems people have a weird consumption attitude as they seem to upgrade every year for a new model – therefor they do not care so much on the android side I suspect. I was one of the first to buy an ıphone 1 but I find the screensize of 3,5 less apealing to my needs althouıgh  Siri is right up my ally as keyboards are anachronistic and inteligent data mining should be part of computing anyway. Still the broadest rollout ever will bring numbers to new records for this Xmas season but apple needs to bring a secon model with a least 4 inch screen size. That is the chance of Nokia or rather Mango with even more cool devices like the  Lumia 800, but the next models to keep the momentum rolling.hey need a Siri like App and faster chips in order to keep up momentum and catch up on android.


Date Published Percent Bullish Percent Bearish
11/02 43.2 36.8
10/26 40 37.9
10/19 35.8 41
10/12 34.4 46.3
10/05 34.4 45.2
09/28 37.6 40.9
09/21 37.6 39.8
09/14 35.5 40.9
09/07 38.7 37.6
08/31 40.9 36.6
08/24 40.9 33.3
08/17 46.2 23.7
08/10 47.3 23.7
08/03 46.3 24.7
07/27 49.5 21.5
07/20 46.2 21.5
07/13 44.1 22.6
07/06 40.9 24.7
06/29 39.8 26.9
06/22 37.6 28

~ by behindthematrix on November 2, 2011.

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