thursday brainstorming

1. Quite a karmic thing what this SOB’s ( centralbankers) pulled yesterday –  I was in a plane- I even missed the technical early warning 2 hours before as well –  the day before I was too careless about a very obvious signal as the VIX closed lower despite a lower market – which apparently means some f…  insiders knew what was about to come ( the usual suspects will be GS and JPM besides some Goldman run HFs as the boss of the NY FED is a Goldman plus the Obama admin is on their payroll anyway so the dear Senators and Congressmen might have bought the rally. After all its not really Goldman running this planet western hemisphere, behind the secret agenda is rather  a cabal of Rockefeller and Rothschild and Goldman is one of them. They get far to much credit on this issue as a Blankfein is a market geek but not a big time conspiracy behind the scenes puppetmaster.

We have a huge mix of schizophrenic signals running currently as the ISE  MA’s as I stated a few times is rather on a level which marks lows and the last days even the Rydex came back down to oversold levels.

The price pattern and some other indicators suggest we  will reach the 1270 level quickly and make a powerful retreat from that level back to the 1200-20 level.

The bullshit they puled yesterday does not solve any issue Europe or America has – the cancer is growing and it comes near a terminal stage. At the same time the geopolitical tensions have reached very dangerous levels as I have stated for years the only outcome of this is a war maybe even WW3 – we are compared to the 1929 crash to 1939 start of WW2 around 1933ish now but it also might be already 1937. Before the people rise and lynch their corrupt leaders and the thieves (banksters and corps alike) they rather let them battle each other to distract them plus make big time money. Also the power grid get a new overhaul as it is a mechanism of the ruling elites to remind their opponents who is in charge and as Russia and China are challenging the superpower USA, which has lost some power a new adjustment of the power forces is at order at some point.

I do not think the Chinese are stupid enough to pull a full fledged WW3 to defend Iran – since America has the superior weapons and could wipe out China and Russia at all times instead it will start with a confrontation on foreign turf and Iran might be the playground to test the will and technology to update everyone who is still in charge. Besides they distract the people from lynching their corrupt leaders is their agenda but astrology says otherwise. The people will rise the next 2-3 years and fight the corrupt system – result be a huge change of the system it will not stay the way it is now – the forces are too strong and this corrupt bunch has become to reluctant.


~ by behindthematrix on December 1, 2011.

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