friday brainstorming

Af very long but ter the 50 ISE as of yesterday a 2-3 year low, well actually a 10 year low with lenity of XLF puts bought exactly those got screwed today with financials jumping big time as Bonds kept rising for the PIIGS today. This charade will not last long as we soon will have covered shorts and the NYSE short has come down substantially the last 3 months anyway. Its all about screwing the short term momentum players to hurt them so badly that they do not dare to short the market again this month and year.

Its all a strategy to buy time to get the fiscal union of the EU done  – dream on Mrs Merkel – no way that UK or some others ever agree to give up their sovereign rights. Even one country can block the whole thing and actually this is a decision corrupt politicians can not make anyway – referendums are at order but that are all still not the problems. The real problem is that the financial system is broke now for at least 3 years but I suspect rather much longer.

SocGen long time ago about 15 years had a huge derivative loss of a few hundred bio and what they did back then was to swap the loss away for a decade. I have the deep suspicion that plenty of the derivative trades of multi trillions out there are nothing but swapped away losses to keep the balance cheats clean. Now that the unhide able losses have grown so big that no banks trust any other bank for good reasons they can not handle the situation anymore and central banks although pumping new trillions into the banking system can not cover the losses anymore. Its all a huge cover up a Enron in a gigantic format and the only way to cover all that up is a global war to clean up the mess while many people will get killed.

All this Ferrari and Porsche driving banksters are doing that with stolen never existing money. sure there are some talented traders out there but that is not the big bunch of Harvard etc IVY school boys covering the trading floors – they are just camouflage to cover up the other stuff going on in banks. MF showed how the system really works while hundreds of guys on the broker desk work for commission the real gamble was to go big on Italian bonds only what Mr Corzine did not get Goldman can do that as they have the infrastructure to hide such trades MF did not and as soon as the trade blew into their face the whole system fall apart. Goldman was also broke in 2008 but they could cover it up until their people at the Treasury and FED bailed them out.


~ by behindthematrix on December 2, 2011.

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