tuesday update

1. The try to pull all strings to create a Xmas rally hence the banks balance cheats look better as the BTPs have made a 10 point rally on paper saving the day for some EU banks who were about to collapse ( bankrupt they are already anyway).

Geithner has been send out to push the agenda for the Cabal agenda and the other Goldman (Rothschild/Rockefeller) puppet Draghi will cut the ECB rates again this week to make sure the momentum keeps rolling. Unfortunately it will not be what some expect a 50-75 BP cut as The Germans will not play along therefor I only expect a 25BP cut. A 0,25  cut would rather deliver a reason for a sell off as the technical picture suggests and astrology confirms.

This Merkozy new  treaty nonsense will not go anywhere as it takes one national supreme court to stop it and even assuming that most judges are part of the club the people will not let them get away with it for one. More importantly you can change contracts all day if the underlying substance is rotten the contract will not change it.

Today we have again like last week before the big central bank intervention a strangly high ISE of 180  today- that could mean the ECB could go for a steeper cut than 25  and friends and family have been informed kindly beforehand – this SOB can only make money on inside information and it has to be stopped but since the corrupt politicians are part of the game it will need a revolution to do so.

In any case we will have a pullback starting around Friday latest and be of severe nature – gameplan is still brief test of the 1270 level followed by a drop to 1220-30 level at least.




~ by behindthematrix on December 6, 2011.

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