SPX update

The ECB ( Draghi) played along the punchline and lowered by 25 BP but put some pressure on the summit as he gave no commitments to any QE measures, rather dumped any hopes. That was the first disappointment as too many trades were geared towards some bull(i)shit as banks were bought heavily the last days. SPX trades along the trendline and has run into resistance for now. After the second disappointment no deal from the EU summit tomorrow markets should sell off next week especially banks heading for the 1200-1220 support level. A clear technical signal comes from the Euro chart I will comment later on that – but confirms the short term downside. Saturdays astro patterns do also confirm although we have a mixed bag but short term negative will take over as the Lunar Eclipse squares Mars, the negotiations will not run smooth rather burst into volatile hostility, which can happen on many levels also military options are possible with Iran or elsewhere as Uranus goes stationary the same day in a 150 degree to Saturn even earthquakes are possible. At the same time Saturn will be exactly opposite the natal Saturn of the Euro which makes agreements almost impossible under those stars. The odds are clearly geared for a brief disapointment sell off after all the x-mas rally hype and the deliberate placed rumors to support that. The next New Moon on Christmas the 25th is a very benign one and I recommend to cover shorts around and for the brave and professionals to be long through NY as the same day of the NM Jupiter goes stationary very bullish combo but that is a very short trade as soon after Jupiter will clash with Saturn which should rather trigger a big sell off. Its a bit tricky – but markets are very tricky these days and all the hype about rescuing the Euro will blow away in Q1 2012 but thats a different story and the ISE MAs need to improve a bit in order to make a real sell off possible as the current prices are pure manipulations and not based on a sound and sane valuations.


~ by behindthematrix on December 8, 2011.

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