EURO update

The Astro pattern is spot on when it comes to the Euro directly but my assumption of correlation to the stock markets are only partly right when it comes to the immediate effects. Well after all the Astro charts refers to the EURO itself and here we can say it works amazingly. We are in the highest distress pattern right now for another 1-2 weeks and as the chart shows at a crucial spot as a support line is challenged and it has to brake in order to complete the counts. We are in a week 6 which fits with the astro pattern giving us a time frame of 3 weeks to make at least an interim low in the 1.2650  – 1.2850 area. From that level I am looking for a stronger bounce as America will run into a temporary mess  with the payroll tax cut extension for one. The 25th New Moon ( also Jupiter turning stationary the same day) will be very benign in general and I expect heavy buying into the last days of the year as a window dressing attempt to create a positive year for US stocks will be on the last week  of the year and even a few days into the new year with an SPX heading for the 1300 level which should help the Euro as well the last week. For now we are heading to our target zone around 1.30 but very likely the above mentioned level.


~ by behindthematrix on December 12, 2011.

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