wednesday brainstorming

1 The SPX has reached the first target area around 1270, if it does not drop below 1250 on a closing basis today we can assume the immediate downtrend is broken ( very likely) and we are heading to the next target area 1300-10 which should also complete an open TDM count to 13 first week in Jan. that will trigger a pullback towards 1250-60 initially. The magnitude of the pullback or even turn of the markets will depend on many factors with my sentiment numbers being mostly neutral now except for the Citibank index. Some are even reaching overbought territory but the crucial ones give margin to the upside but do not protect the downside anymore. The benign New Moon triggered a brief positive period and the next negative astro event is the Full Moon on the 9th Jan which will trigger a negative pattern for the USA. That should mark the time frame until the top is in – at least the initial one. From that level anything between 5-10% is possible we will determine that early Jan as soon as we have more sentiment data.

Next year we enter the year of the dragon which points to some turbulences as plenty elections are due and the people are fed up with the corrupt politicians and their puppet masters pathetic strategies to run the planet as their pockets are wiped out on a daily basis while the whole world is run into the ground by incompetence and ignorance. Peperations for war and civil war are running full steam by the elitist cabal to distract the mob from lynching them although their camouflage strategies get more and more pathetic and obvious. A new fore like anonymus is showing them their limits and extracts valuable information which is now at a dangerous level for them.


Russia’s Dubious Vote

Analysis of Parliamentary Results Points to Widespread Fraud


Results from Russia’s parliamentary vote earlier this month are studded with red flags that suggest broad electoral fraud, according to a Wall Street Journal analysis.

European Pressphoto AgencyRussian President Medvedev and Prime Minister Putin have denied election fraud and vowed to investigate and prosecute any allegations of vote manipulation.

A comprehensive examination of the full results from Russia’s nearly 100,000 voting precincts reveals statistical anomalies that experts say are consistent with widespread vote-rigging. These irregularities could cast doubt, by one rough measure, over as many as 14 million of the 65.7 million votes reportedly cast.

Prime Minister Vladimir Putin’s ruling United Russia party captured a high share of voters—far above the 49.3% it received nationwide—in precincts where voter turnout was reported to be well above the national average, according the analysis. That dynamic suggests broad ballot-stuffing, according to experts in vote monitoring. In addition, the analysis revealed a second anomalous pattern in the results they said is also consistent with doctored results.

The analysis doesn’t in itself prove fraud in Russia’s Dec. 4 parliamentary elections. But it follows weeks in which local and international observers reported what they said were numerous individual cases of ballot-box stuffing, vote falsification and other violations. It provides the first overall picture that any alleged election fraud could be broad in scale.

Public outrage over alleged irregularities has triggered the biggest street protests since the Soviet Union’s collapse, the largest coming on Saturday, when as many as 100,000 people gathered in Moscow to demand Mr. Putin’s resignation. The allegations threaten to undermine his government’s legitimacy as he prepares to return to the presidency in elections in March.‬

Kremlin and United Russia officials have repeatedly denied major vote fraud. On Tuesday, Mr. Putin struggled to contain the protests’ political fallout, dismissing his opponents as leaderless and seeking to sow instability.

The Kremlin’s shuffle of top officials also continued. President Dmitry Medvedev on Tuesday removed Vladislav Surkov, the architect of the Kremlin’s tightly controlled political system, as deputy chief of staff, appointing him deputy prime minister responsible for modernizing the economy. Mr. Surkov, who helped Mr. Putin gain power in 2000 and then cement his control, was dubbed by critics the Kremlin’s “puppet master.” Mr. Surkov told the Interfax news agency that he had asked to be reassigned some time ago and welcomed his new appointment.

“It looks like [Mr. Putin] is nervous,” said political analyst Sergei Markov, an ex-United Russia legislator. “A reset of the Putin political system is under way.”

Kremlin and United Russia officials say any alleged irregularities were minor and didn’t significantly affect the Dec. 4 results, which saw United Russia party narrowly hold its majority in parliament. Kremlin officials have vowed to investigate and prosecute any allegations of vote manipulation.

Russia’s Central Election Commission didn’t respond to requests for comment on the statistical analysis. In the past, the agency has said similar studies didn’t indicate fraud but simply reflected peculiarities of Russia’s electoral culture.


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