Tuesday brainstorming

1. Happy New Year and good luck.

So far everything goes according to script the rally keeps marching to our target zone 1300-10, first important step was the gap higher today above the former resistance levels. A benchmark and indicator to follow is Apple as it is about to complete the recent high in the expected 420-30 zone.

The time window for the current wave is around the 9th Jan ( Full Moon) as the FM itself has no significance but it will be in exact T-Square to a natal USA Chiron Saturn opposition. That means some ugly developement will comt to the open as the Full Moon deploys in Cancer which is the sign (4th July) of USA.

Later in Jan we will some some more central bank intervention and if markets sell off sharply even announcement of QE3 officially – unofficially they are running aleady QE3 with their swap lines and the ECB running a never seen before 3 tril balance cheat already whch will not stop Draghi to cut rates below 1 % – he only might hesitate using that bullet in Jan. as the next bullet wil be the last.

My ultimate point for the bigg sell of is rather 7th Feb when Saturn goes retrogade square to the USA Pluto – earnings season will have shown it effects, which should not be good in an overall sense anyway.

Who will run against Obama will be crucial as well – I hope its Ron Paul but the odds are not so high – my first check on his astrology shows a mixed picture. Have to dig a bit deeper but one of the opportunists running for the WH will probably cheer up the market briefly which will be around the Full Moon.

~ by behindthematrix on January 3, 2012.

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