wednesday brainstorming

The US markets are in squeeze iş to the last drop mode as we are about to challenge the April highs of 2010 around 1360. The below chart is the SPX cash and we are on the ES (SP mini future) already at a 12 count today. The most important stock for timing is Apple as it made an 11 count yesterday and is far above weekly and monthly Bolls – that means a pullback is imminent. As it was the case around the 400 level. Again around 510-20 Apple should top out within 48h as will the SPX in the 1350-65 zone. The pulllback should be in the first stage down to 1290-1300 testing the support and crucial will be for more dowside to close below on a weekly basis. th e point is only that medium term the NDX looks poised for more gains as does Apple especially if they really deliver a TV product. Nevertheless we are about to enter a consolidation and correction mode until the Facebook IPO which is a classic big top parameter as it will be a heavy weight index contributor with a 100 bil valuation.


~ by behindthematrix on February 15, 2012.

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