thursday brainstorming – liquidity in unseen waves is running through the system

and creating this rising tide of various assets who are literally inflated by the trillions the central banks pump into the banks at no cost for them. The price of creating some easy money for banksters has to be paid again by the public with gasoline prices rising to new record levels. The price will soon be sharply dropping economies followed by raging mobs burning down the corrupt politicians and elite estates answered by more police state and civil war in worst case. In order to distract the people the  elite is already organizing WW3 as we have now enough trigger points from Afghanistan to Iran a clash with the Muslim world is in order and prepared. Channeling the hate and frustration to other targets is a classic pattern and will create a new cycle of money making in the evil circle of life as long as its run by this so called elite.

We are getting close now to complete all missing links as Apple has reached the target are to complete the count and the VIX needs the one close around 17 before a more meaningful correction can start. Demark might be right that the first stage will be a frustrating top as we will cycle through a industry rotation- hence for now the max downside for the SPX is the 1250-60 level. Since Greece (or rather the bank payout pool) has been funded for the next weeks at least. I am not sure if the Hedge funds will dare to challenge the CAC since they depend on good relations to central banks and politicians if they do not have a clean book. Almost all of them have worked along the lines of legality and an investigation could close the shop. It is a fragile power setup but if the side within the EU which wants  Greece and some others out is strong enough they rather could support the Funds to screw the swap deal.

Behind the curtains a totally different powergame is on and an EU with those weak partners is not sustainable anyway. They are just divided on how to resolve the situation as some want to make big bucks from the inevitable meltdown – the question is how to do so without being wiped out if the situation spins out of control. I doubt that a default of Greece would create any kind of Lehman situation with all the liquidity around but with tens of trillions in OTC derivatives on interest rate structures is it hard to say how close we are to an financial armageddon. The Greece default is so highly anticipated that it is priced in anyway the question is how close are the other PIIGS to a default as the DRAGHI BTP bubble is a charade but with trillions of zero interest money they can keep up the game a little while more.



~ by behindthematrix on February 23, 2012.

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