Tuesday brainstorming

1. after 2 weeks dancing around the 13000 DOW level the market stated the correction with Venus opposite Saturn and the Full MOON on the 7th. at an trouble point. After the banisters got ultimate support from their central bank puppets who pumped never seen before amours f money into the system now close to 20 trill. – that is half the value of all global stock markets at ‘zero’ and the FED made clear no QE3 soon as inflation spirals out of control with oil prices manipulated up by the Jewish Establishment and ironically their  official opponents having the same interest ( Russia and Arab countries) the burden on consumers will filter through to real economy as the energy tax takes away substantial buying power. Even more so in non US geographics as a cold and stubborn winter keeps heating bills high.

All the press about the Israel attack in Iran is rather a camouflage game to keep oil up on one hand but there is another deeper story going on as well. Obama will never go for war so close to elections since he is also not to eager to loose his biggest financial supporters which were rather Jewish he will try to play both sides. Only a 9/11 event – which could be arranged again could bring america into direct position for an attack. The Saudis were directly involved into the 9/11 event members of the commission have declared and is at all a strike against Saudi Arabia would be at order but since if that were true it would rather hint to a covert operation of US intel being part of the 9/11 conspiracy none will dig deeper and open the Pandora box.

Russia and China took quite a tough stance against any attack on Iran and Israel is well aware of that risk. It is rather in China and Russia’s interest to destabilize the Middle east more and get rather rid of the SA kingdom to gain more control of the oil, plus Russia and Putin do benefit from the high prices anyway. I do not believe an attack is imminent as the technology transfer from Russia or China to Iran can be done at any time on the one hand. More importantly Iran is not Syria there will be serious retaliation and america will need plenty of Jack Bauers to save the nation from dirty bombs since an attack will just support the fanatic camp of so called terrorists, who are also created by the CIA anyway mostly in order to keep control. That is an aggressive strategy at best case – may also be an evil conspiracy worst case..

Markets are now heading for the imminent 5-10% correction, depending on countries and indices with 2% already delivered. we are in wave 1 of A right now and we could see a small bounce from the 1350 level before more downside comes as soon as Thursday as the odds are high the Greece debt swap will not go through as the ECB has indicated.



~ by behindthematrix on March 6, 2012.

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