Thursday brainstorming

1.Well the only stock which seems to move is Apple ( simplified) but we have moved out of cheap to more than fair valued. I have the feeling we have another VW situation as some shorts must be the driver of this daily 2-3% drive up. Although nothing new has happened but an anyway improved IPAD and the TV rumor. well on the TV I can say after having tested Siri myself – its rather a very early stage of voice control yet as Siri is a nice toy but far from what advertisement makes believe. Some people may be ready to pay a premium for apple TVs but I do not see what kind of value added Apple can bring to the game but a very smart Tivo kind of system working on voice- which is rather very early Beta. IPADs LTE is globally not useable so after all you buy a Retina display and I do not see a the sky is the limit situation.

Coming back to technicals the NDX rose with AAPL to 2715 with the 50% retracement at 2750. As we have parallel an 11 weekly count for AAPl and the NDX its now a matter of another week up rather modestly from now on.

ES makes a double daily 13 today and the SPX max move should be limited to 1440 but the later one I suspect is rather the target after an imminent correction. As the market has drifted a bit higher with more bailout money for banks they have some trouble ahead right now as Bonds are dropping sharply and the carry trade is turning into losses. It seems another 1987 will be at hand soon as so far a repetition is close at hand. Again Facebook will mark the high sometime in Q2 but before we will have a volatile top building process which will begin about end of next week expiration. Probably an inter market divergence is about t start with the SPX rather turning downside after today even.


~ by behindthematrix on March 16, 2012.

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