Monday brainstorming

1. Finally the rumor of the dividend for AAPL is confirmed as a fact with a stock buyback on modest levels but more importantly it will help to finalize the technical picture of AAPL as we had a daily 11 count after a sees of those in this megatrend but still this one will mark a temporary high for the NDX. which is now very close to the 50% retracement level around 2800. The first big wave up ended close to the 38% retracemnet level in 2007. NDX made an 11 count last week as we are now heading into expiration week and into an astro turn pattern as this very benign double triangle fades away the New Moon on the 22nd is in conjunction to Uranus which implies a volatile turn in trends.

Since that New Moon triggers the Uranus Pluto square as well more unrest like in Syria can be expected together with sudden turns in fixed income markets and currencies.

Euro just is about to finalize the right shoulder within an H&S pattern with the neckline at 1.30 ready to drop below the 1.30 level towards 1.25 initially.

This market has plenty of parallels to 1987 so far – back then we also had a 3 month consolidation form March through May before the final blow off came followed by a crash. Well the fundamental situation is very different but the technical is quite the same. Central banks will be pumping more insane amounts of money after the 10 trill they pumped just the last 3 years. Faber is right there is now way back until the Titanic runs against the Iceberg of greed and deception.

This is a dejavu market for me but I could not figure out what bull campaign it matches yet.


~ by behindthematrix on March 19, 2012.

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