Wednesay brainstorming

1. AAPL has landed an early success it seems with IPAD 3  but it has quite some issues as overheating and WiFi perception, which will slow down the second wave buyers after the hype buyers craze slows down. I have to say from my own experience as I own the recent air book and 4s İphone – which are both incredible but both have issues as my biggest disappointment is the battery of the air book which makes it to 2 hours plus but never above 3 hours and nowhere near the 6-7 hours. The iPhone battery is also still an issue although I am not a heavy user at all with almost no web browsing I hardly make it through a day. Airbbooks battery is a huge disappointment for me but the rest is a class of its own.

We have very strong bearish divergence patterns in the making and The DOW after the 13 count has already started to turn but we need the weekly close to confirm any such matter. NDX icon the verge of a top as it is very close to the 50% retracement level area and counts a daily 11 today with a weekly 12. The intriguing combination though is the spring equinox and the next days ‘wild thing’ New Moon with a quick fading super bullish pattern, which will replaced by an sleeping negative pattern any moment now.

The target areas for an intermediate top is 1420-40 SPX and 2750-800 NDX and we can expect now finally a volatile correction pattern like in 87 also in the 10% range before the uptrend will resume to its final and destructive pattern highs which sucks in all bears lie a black whole to destroy the bulls who dared to make  some money finally from this huge charade bull campaign who were to greedy or do not belong to the inside f this game.


~ by behindthematrix on March 21, 2012.

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