Sunday brainstorming

1. Now all ingredients came together for a market correction on Friday on a technical level as the VIX printed a 12 count with diving below the Bollinger-band just to mention one. Also one very crucial event has arrived the stationary Saturn around zero degree which usually is a market tuner by itself but what makes it more powerful is the position it will have to many charts which are very negative. It makes a square to USA’s natal Pluto, probably more important it makes a T-square with the Euro natal saturn / Venus square which is almost a safe bet that Greece will have to default and the negotiations will break down. After writing down 70% of bond value what is the logic in throwing another 150 bil into Greece – on the other hand what none mentions that is the amount which lies on Swiss Acs  by the GREECE ELİTE and marks the amout they have stolen from the EU the last 10 years. If anything they should be forced to repatriate all that money and refinance Greece themselves.

Anyway the turn of the die hard rally is about  a 48h time window now considering the technical picture and the SPX will dive about 100 points to the 1240-50 level before another upside attempt will start mainly on the tech side as the NDX will go towards the 2600-700 level and crash thereafter with the Facebook IPO in Q2.


~ by behindthematrix on February 5, 2012.

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