Tuesday brainstoming – morons at work

Sorry for the delay – have been moving to a new city and the place gets completely redone. Plus trading in and out of the shorts – always a tough game for a contrarian (mostly) especially entering shorts too early. Hope dies much harder than fear and in these special case as not the classic retail crowd is in the markets the endless and never seen before moıney printing exercise of all central banks together with moronic and corrupt politicians makes it even a bit harder. That is not supposed to be an excuse as its quite a deja vu to 2007 which was also very manipulated but this is a quantum leap compared all laws of physics have been eliminated it seems.

Lets come back to the current situation – the so called Greece bailout 2,0 is entirely another bank bailout as all the 130 bil. goes straight to banks – the trillions banks have got thrown into their black hole operations is not countable anymore as even the so called mortgage settlement with US banks which should rather be a punishment is nothing but a hidden subsidy of taxpayer money. It is fracking unbelivable what this  bunch of banksters get to keep up the game of theft and deception.

Timing is good though as we rose into this benign New Moon tomorrow and the only missing link is the 13 count in the VIX, which needs a close around 17 to complete the sequence and trigger a steeper correction of 5-7% to start with. Also we are very close to the May 20011 1370 SPX high and are making a daily 13 after a weekly 9 count. Ideal would be if Apple closed around 520 today or tomorrow. The NDX around into heavy resistance around the 2600-30 area which it will not be able to take out now and for the next weeks. Sentiment is very bullish now and ripe for a correction but the timing of sentiment is not a approach but the retrogade Saturn should start its process now as the also retrogade Mars has delayed the effects it seems.

This Greece bailout package which is not helping Greece at all since their haircut does not even match the new credits taken by the EU is running into deeper debt – all those stupid calculations of income from taxes and asset sales will never happen anywhere close to the assumptions and the deep depression their economy is poised to go through thanks to the austerity will jeopardize all those moronic plans ( which are just camouflage in the best case – if some idiot politicians really believe in those numbers  they are even bigger enemies than those doing deception on intention.


~ by behindthematrix on February 21, 2012.

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